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Highlights from Jason


Highlights from Jason dives during Dive & Discover Expedition 16 to Brothers volcano. (Video courtesy of Anna-Louise Reysenbach, chief scientist, Portland State University; Funder, NSF; ROV Jason. ©Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

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Piloting Jason

Korey Verhein, Jason pilot and engineer, describes what he does, how he got to be what he is, and why what he does is so cool.

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Video Update: Back at Sea

Chimney sample

With a little over one week left in Expedition 16 to Brothers volcano, there is a lot of science to report. Catch up on developments since we’ve returned to sea.

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An Unexpected Break

After a successful day of diving with Jason over the Northwest caldera region of Brothers volcano, the team has encountered a few difficulties, both human and meteorological.

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Inside Expedition 16

Take a look inside the first days of Expedition 16 to Brothers volcano and get behind the scenes with the people on R/V Thomas Thompson.

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To Sea!

Today was the first full day of Dive & Discover Expedition 16. We departed Auckland and, after sailing some 18 hours and 340 kilometers (210 miles) northeast, R/V Thomas G. Thompson is positioned on the surface 1500 meters (4,920 feet) over the rim of the Brothers volcano caldera. It was a day of intense preparation and testing for the big dives ahead.

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