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Into the Twilight Zone

May 3 - 21, 2021

Follow us as our team of scientists, engineers, and students puts some of the most advanced research tools available to the challenge of exploring this dimly lit world. Learn how this complex and fascinating ecosystem supports animals at the surface regulates Earth’s climate and houses resources that could one day help feed the world.

Daily Updates

By the numbers

May 21, 2021

Home Expedition 17 Daily Updates Day 15: By the numbers By the numbers By Marley Parker & Michelle Cusolito After three action-packed weeks aboard the Sarmiento de Gamboa, everyone on board is reflecting on the experience and totaling up all that we accomplished. A view of sunset from the bow of the Sarmiento de Gamboa…

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The great migration

May 20, 2021

Home Expedition 17 Daily Updates Day 14: The great migration Day 14: The great migration By Michelle Cusolito When we hear the word “migration” we often picture charismatic animals covering vast distances-like wildebeests crossing the Serengeti, or Canada geese flying south for the winter. But did you know that the largest migration on earth happens…

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Capturing carbon

May 19, 2021

Home Expedition 17 Daily Updates Day 13: Capturing carbon Day 13: Capturing carbon In school, we learn about the carbon cycle-typically within the context of forests. Through photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, and when their leaves fall to the ground, they decompose and absorb into soil. Some of the carbon in those…

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Small but mighty MINIONs

May 18, 2021

Home Expedition 17 Daily Updates Day 12: Small but mighty MINIONs Day 12: Small but mighty MINIONs On a bright, breezy morning, six of us stand on the aft deck holding Pyrex tubes full of 3D-printed materials, wires, and circuit boards. As the wind whips our faces, Jackson Sugar works with Bosun Oscar Orizales Breijo…

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Three ships are better than one

May 17, 2021

Home Expedition 17 Daily Updates Day 11: Three ships are better than one Day 11: Three ships are better than one Imagine you’re planning an oceanographic expedition. You need to pinpoint the right place in the ocean at the ideal time of year and secure funding for an appropriate vessel. Then you need to ship…

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