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Mail Buoy: May 25


What is something you like to do in your past time? Like in between dives and stuff, what do you guys do?



We do a lot of the things you might expect, such as playing cards, reading, writing, and watching movies. Lots of us decorated Styrofoam cups to shrink by sending them down on the CTD. Many of them were real works of art, especially the ones made by Julia Cox.

There are also a few pastimes you might not expect. Many people like to play darts, especially after dinner. I’m sure you can imagine aiming and throwing darts at a dart board on rolling ship is quite challenging! Spectators have to steer clear of the area because it isn’t uncommon for darts to miss the board entirely and bounce to the floor.

However, the “Most Unusual Pastime on a Ship” award goes WHOI biologist Joel Llopiz. He brought his street bike on board to set up as a stationary exercise bike in his room!

-Michelle Cusolito

A strawberry squid illustrated by Julia Cox adorns a Styrofoam cup that was crushed under ocean pressure after hitching a ride to the twilight zone on a CTD rosette. Photo by Michelle Cusolito, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.