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partly cloudy
Partly Cloudy
74°F (23.3°C)
Latitude: 33° 49'N
Longitude: 62° 34'W
Wind Direction: SSW
Wind Speed: 17 Knots
Sea State: 2
Sea Temperature: 73°F (22.8°C)
Swell(s) Height: 5 Foot
Barometric Pressure: 1020.5 MB
Visibility: Unrestricted

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Pancakes with maple syrup
Hash browns
Sausage patties
Breakfast sandwiches
Blueberry muffins

Green curry vegetable soup
Fishwich with cheese on fresh powder rolls
Chicken and noodle casserole
Cut corn
Steamed herbed rice
French fries
Spicy chicken sticks
Salad bar
Dutch apple crisp

Baked meatloaf and gravy
Mashed potatoes
Honey pepper salmon fillet
Spicy shiitake brown rice
Peas, carrots, turnips
Cauliflower with garlic, soy, sesame
Barley oatmeal wheat rolls
Ice cream
Salad bar

A Visit from Pan
June 5, 2003
By Joe Appel

If the cruise mascot is Medusa, then her Greek mythical cousin Pan, the trickster, has been visiting us on a regular basis. We've had weather delays, hydrowinch malfunctions, and now a mechanical problem with our prize tool, Alvin.

After only an hour on the sea floor today, pilot BLee Williams called up and reported a strange odor in the sub's atmosphere. Neither he nor any of the Alvin crew on the ship was able to positively identify the source of that odor, and so Expedition Leader Pat Hickey instructed BLee to abort the dive and bring the sub back to Atlantis.

Safety of the submersible and the divers is paramount, without exception. Though it's disappointing to the divers and the whole expedition, something like this definitely warrants canceling a dive. The sub was back on board not long after noon.

After several hours of intensive trouble-shooting by the Alvin crew, they think they've found the culprit: a suspect component on a power supply board. Tonight they doing a 2-hour "deck dive", powering up the Alvin in dive configuration and making sure all systems are functional. Another dive is scheduled for tomorrow.

Most of the time you hear about a scientific discovery, it's a success story. All the missteps, bad judgments and plain bad luck gets left out. The truth is more complicated than that. All discovery brings with it some blind spots. Expedition 7 is a success story already, but it's a realistic one, with real-world circumstances.

Note that we're calling it Expedition 7 again, not the Medusa Cruise. The scientific crew came to the realization today that using Medusa as our mythic agent in the field has angered Poseidon, the ruler of the seas.

And so this evening, we conducted a ritual aimed at getting into Poseidon's good graces. Each member of the science party and Alvin crew had a lock of hair shorn from his or her head. The hair and our until-now prized Medusa medallion were wrapped in a cloth.

The entire crew walked out on deck as a sliver of a crescent moon lit the sea. The sea that moments later had an offering of hair and a Medusa medallion flung into it from a hastily built slingshot. Poseidon, hear our prayer





















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