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Mail Buoy
May 28, 2002

Thank you once again for taking us on an outstanding adventure. My fifth grade students are studying habitat communities of the Arctic, Tropical, Temperate Oceans, and the Kelp Forrest and Hydrothermal Vent. Our question is, “Does a vent ever close or cease to function?”

Thank you.
Mellie Lewis
G. T. Resource Teacher
Atholton Elementary School
Columbia, MD 21046

Dear Tim Shank,

I’m a seventh grade student of Miss Sheild in Lexington, MA. I was really interested reading about the search for the Rose Garden. Were you worried or anxious about finding the Rose Garden? Even though you found the new vent site, was it disappointing that you didn't find Rose Garden?

It must be suspensful and exciting to look for the Rose Garden. Good luck finding it!

Sophie Del Donno

This is David Perelman from Ms. Shield’s class at Jonas Clarke Middle School in Lexington, Massachusetts.

What types of animals have already been discovered around the Galápagos Rift?

Also, what types of vegetation and animals are you going to be looking for?

Dear Deep Sea Explorers -

I read with interest your difficulties with finding the rose garden. Could you talk about why GPS can’t be used in this case? (I assume it can’t) What type of mapping has been done of the sea floor in your area? Is there another project scheduled to do that?

Thanks for the Information.

Interested Science Teacher
Londonderry, NH USA


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