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June 4, 2002

My name is Jenny and I’m in the 7th grade in Greenville, North Carolina. I just lucked out and found this website while surfing one day and was very interested to see that a person from Greenville has such a fascinating career! I have gotten some of my fellow classmates interested in your expedition also and we have been following the action. We have a few questions for Dr. Shank:

1. What is it like to see these wild underwater vents and creatures for the first time? How do you describe it to other people who have never been there?

2. What is it like to be famous explorer and to have a career that is so fascinating and unusual? How many months of the year are you out exploring the ocean’s bottom? It must be fantastic to travel the world for a job.

3. Do you ever get back to Greenville to visit old friends and family and have you ever given speeches to local schools there?

4. A few of us have seen shows on the Discovery Channel about hydrothermal vents. Are there plans for you to make any more of these shows in the future, Dr. Shank?

5. Considering all of the different kinds of animals found down there, what kinds of animals are your favorite?

6. Did you go to Greenville High School?

Thank you for your time,
Greenville, North Carolina

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