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Mail Buoy
May 30, 2002


My name is Jesse and I am from Miss Sheild’s seventh grade class in Lexington, MA. I have a question about the Black Smoker: What’s the highest temperature from a black smoker that you have recorded?

Thank you for spending your time to read my question!


Hi, I am Max McKenna, a student in Ms. Sheild’s seventh grade class at Clarke Middle School in Lexington, MA. We have been following your expedition very closely and I have a few questions. One is, do you think that you will ever find another vent site like the Rosegarden? And my second is, how long is the longest that anyone could stay in Alvin the submersible?

Thank you for this opportunity to give students an almost first hand experience at deep ocean studies.


Hi Ms. Humphris,

My name Is Josh and I am in Ms. Sheild’s 7th grade class. I was wondering about the Alvin. Do you ever feel claustrophobic or feel like you are getting sick and think you have to leave the Alvin? Has anyone ever had to go back up because they were sick or claustrophobic?



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