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Mail Buoy
May 29, 2002

Hi Susan,

I am one of Ms. Sheild’s seventh grade science students in Lexington, Massachusetts. I was wondering, how were the pictures of the Alvin (in the Woods Hole book) taken, even though the Alvin was so deep down? Were they taken by robots, or another submarine, maybe? Hopefully, you can email your reply as well as posting it on the Dive Discover web site.

We all had fun in Woods Hole a week ago, and it was neat to be able to meet you. I’m looking forward to seeing slide shows with you wearing the Lexington hat we gave you. I enjoy reading the daily updates, and I also enjoy the slide shows with descriptions, and the “What’s to Eat” section each day. I also look forward to seeing some panoramic photos.

Thanks for your time.
Eric Eid-Reiner

Town/City: Haverhill
State: Massachusetts
Name: Tiffany
Name of school: C.D. Hunking Middle School
Question(s): Hi! My questions are - “Don’t you guys (& girls) miss your family & friends while on this trip?”, and “Why did each of you decide to go on this trip?” - Tiffany

Hi, I’m Jessica Smerling, I’m from Ms. Sheild’s seventh grade science class in Lexington MA. Thank you so much for having us come to Woods hole. I had a lot of fun. I have three questions for you. What kind of food do you eat on the Alvin? Also were you on the cruise that discovered hydrothermal vents? Also what kind of camera do you use under water? Thank you for listening.

Jessica Smerling

Ms. Humphris,

Hi, my name is Sharon Morris and I am one of Ms. Sheild’s 7th grade students in Lexington, MA. I have a question regarding Hydrothermal Vents. Besides the color, what is the difference between black smokers and white smokers? How come the fluid comes out either black or white? Could it come out a different color?

Thank you,

Dear Tim Shank:

I’m from Ms. Sheild’s seventh grade class. Is there any way you can make a “Rose Garden” or a “Rosebud” above sea level? Since you guys can make a perfect environment for one tube worm, is it much harder to make a bigger “environment chamber” for a colony of tube worms?

Mike Andryauskas
P.S. Thanks Susan for wearing our hat!


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