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Mail Buoy
May 31, 2002

Hello Mrs. Humphris.

I am Sung Jeon who is one of Miss Sheild’s seventh grade students in Lexington Massachusetts. I know you are very busy but I have few geology and general questions for you. Could you please response my questions, because I am really curious about your team. If some sentences don’t make any sense please understand because I have been America only 1 year.
My geology questions are approximately how many do you think hydrothermal vents exist in the ocean. Are hot springs always coming out of hydrothermal vents or sometimes hot springs are coming out of hydrothermal vents. How high is the highest hydrothermal vents that you have seen.

My general questions are do you think ocean scientist job is boring or interesting. How often can you gather together with your family. These are my questions. I hope you can have time to response my questions.

Hello Sung Jeon-

Dear Dive Discover Scientists,

I am a seventh grade student from Clarke Middle School and we have been following your current dive. I was hoping you could answer these questions. Can the minerals found at the mid-ocean ridge be found about ground? Also, if do you find the rose garden as beautiful as a rose garden on land? Thank you!


How does it feel to be down in the Alvin? What are you doing for the 90 minutes you are waiting to reach the bottom?

What do tube worms feel like?

My last question is: why are the crabs white?

Nathan Gagne
Grade 2
Capitol Hill School
St. Paul, Minn.

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