Interviews from Expedition 5

ottoMarine Geologist Rob Otto
As an undergraduate at Colgate University, Rob Otto analyzed rocks other scientists dredged from the seafloor between the Galápagos and Costa Rica. After graduating this summer, Rob had the chance to join this expedition and find out what collecting lava from the bottom of the ocean is all about. He celebrates his 23rd birthday on Sept. 24 as a shellback. Read the interview » 


jacobsonShipboard Computer Technician Dan Jacobson
Dan Jacobson, 65, started traveling in his 20s and never stopped. Read the interview » 
grosserGeologist Ben Grosser
Ben Grosser, 21, is skipping school for this expedition, but then again so is his professor Denny Geist. This is Ben’s first year as a graduate student and his first time on a seagoing research cruise. Read the interview »
curticeResearch Associate Josh Curtice
For Josh Curtice one of the most important things in life is a good balance between the time he spends working and the time he spends with his family. As a research associate, he designs equipment for projects and makes sure science experiments are running smoothly. Read the interview »
engelsMarine Electrician Alden “Big Al” Luallin
“Big Al” Luallin began tinkering with electronics when he and a friend built a toy submarine at the age of 13. What was once a hobby is now a career. If something electrical has a problem, Al is on it! Read the interview »
engelsGeologist Bob Reynolds
After 13 years of working in the petroleum industry, Bob Reynolds returned to school to get a graduate degree in geology. When he was offered a chance to do a Ph.D. thesis on Galápagos volcanoes, he thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity he couldn’t miss. Read the interview »
engelsMarine geologist Jenny Engels
Graduate student Jenny Engels, 25, loves to talk about rocks - in French, Spanish, English and Japanese. Her passion for languages helps her communicate while on geologic adventures around the world. Read the interview »
saalSecond Assistant Engineer Steve St. Martin
When Steve St. Martin was a boy growing up in San Diego, his lifelong dream was to work for Scripps. Now five years away from retirement he’s more than accomplished his goal. Read the interview »
saalGeochemist and petrologist Alberto Saal
In 1991, Alberto Saal left his home country of Argentina to pursue a scientific career in the United States. For his first research project, he evaluated the geochemistry of the Argentine Andes. Now he studies ocean floor rocks. Read the interview »
hartyAble Seaman Butch Harty
At 17, Butch Harty was struck with what he calls “wonder lust.” He wanted to see the world. After graduating from high school in Virginia, he joined the Navy and set sail. Read the interview »
reedMarine Biologist Kate Buckman
Kate Buckman is always looking for the next opportunity to learn something new. A recent graduate from Smith College in Northhampton, Mass., she also strives to teach others what she knows in creative ways. Read the interview »
reedScience Writer Christy Reed
SCUBA diver and science writer Christy Reed is thrilled to be working on the Dive and Discover Team in the Galápagos. Whenever there’s news on the ship, Christy is always on the scene, asking questions, taking pictures, and carrying out interviews. Learn more about how Christy became a science writer and how she prepares her Dive and Discover pieces. Read the interview by Karen Harpp
peckmanMultibeam Trainer and Advisor Uta Peckman
Uta Peckman sailed across the Atlantic Ocean from Germany and moved to San Diego, Calif., when she was 2 years old. She thinks that’s when she first developed a taste for salty air and sea swells. She’s never been seasick, even when sailing through a typhoon. Read the interview »
wakemanChief Mate Eric Wakeman
This is Eric Wakeman’s second month as Chief Mate on Revelle. He started working for Scripps in 1993 a year after graduating from the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo, Calif. Early this year, he feared he would be lost at sea. Read the interview »
johnsonOrdinary Seaman Lorna Allison
A sea kayaking and marine landscape instructor for four years, Lorna Allison is now learning the ropes of working on a research vessel, or more literally, the lines. Read the interview »
johnsonGeologist Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson began college at the University of Massachusetts as a tuba player. Not long after, a fabulous professor introduced him to geology, Paul transferred to the University of Hawaii. Now he travels around the world mapping the seafloor. Read the interview »
millerGeochemist Karen Harpp
Karen Harpp loves teaching and finds students learn better when they are laughing. She is a professor at Colgate University in Hamilton, N.Y., where she uses chemistry as a tool to figure out geologic puzzles. Read the interview »
millerVolcanologist Dennis Geist
Dennis Geist grew up in Portland, Or., hiking the Cascade volcanoes and rock climbing the tuffs of Smith Rock. He earned his bachelor’s of arts in earth science from Dartmouth in Hanover, N.H. He then returned to the northwest for his Ph.D. in geology at the University of Oregon. He now spends his time between exploring the Galápagos Volcanoes and teaching at the University of Idaho. Read the interview »
millerSenior Cook Ed Miller
With music from the CDs “Bach for Breakfast” or “Mozart for morning coffee” Senior Cook Ed Miller starts cooking at 5 a.m. He keeps us well fed on the ship with a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, fresh breads, cookies, cakes and more! Read the interview »
barnhartChief Engineer Ron Wheatley
Ron Wheatley is the Chief Engineer on board RV Roger Revelle for this expedition. Ron is 49 years old and lives in northern Washington, near British Columbia. Ron is the head of the engineering department, which provides just about everything that we depend on to carry out our oceanographic research: water, electricity, propulsion, winches and more. Read the interview »
barnhartBosun - Victor Barnhart
Vic Barnhart is the Bosun on RV Roger Revelle in charge of making sure the decks are clean, the ship painted and equipment greased, and safety equipment is ready for use in case of an emergency. He collects comic books and loves studying myths and ancient history. Read the interview »
kurzChief Scientist Mark Kurz
As chief scientist Mark Kurz is ready for duty 24 hours a day at sea. We find him on RV Roger Revelle brainstorming with the science team, relaying information to the bridge or working out solutions to problems as they arise. Read the interview »
pillardResident Marine Technician Gene Pillard
Gene Pillard helps scientists on board RV Roger Revelle complete their research objectives. He instructs us on safety, proper ship etiquette, and makes certain the equipment we need is ready. Read the interview »
curlCaptain Christopher Curl
Christopher Curl is the captain of the RV Roger Revelle for this expedition to the Galápagos. He's lived through a 'Perfect Storm' in the Pacific and has seen blue whales surfing ocean swells. Read the interview »