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Scientist Jeff Mendez decorates a Styrofoam cup the night before his dive in Alvin. Cup-decorating is a ritual on board; the cups are put in a net bag and hung on the outside of the sub. As Alvin descends, the cups shrink as the water pressure increases. They make great souvenirs. Jeff is good at decorating Styrofoam mannequin heads, too, so we'll see what he comes up with tomorrow.

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As you can see from the identical latitude and longitude demarcations, this map shows the same area as slide 3. The difference is, this one's useful because it is more detailed! It was created using SeaBeam technology. SeaBeam is a form of sonar: many transducers send a signal from the ship as it's in motion to the seafloor. These bounce back, and the time it takes can be translated into depth of the ocean.

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