Expedition 12 Interviews

wichers interviewSacha Wichers: As the 3rd Assistant Engineer on the R/V Knorr, Sacha is responsible for maintaining all of the ship's systems, including the main engines when she is on watch. But her first exposure to shipboard life was at the age of eighteen in Amsterdam when she lived on a houseboat. Read the interview »


nakamuraKo-ichi Nakamura: Born and raised in Japan, his early interest was in volcanoes, which led to marine geology and hydrothermal vent systems. Read the interview »


hanu singh

Hanumant Singh: Hanu Singh, an ocean engineer at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and leader of the team that built Puma and Jaguar, is the Chief Scientist on the current expedition. Learn more about Hanu, and hear his perspective on why this cruise is important in improving the way research at sea is carried out. Read the interview »


adam seamans

Adam Seamans: Adam Seamans, who grew up in Beverly, MA, is the Chief Mate aboard the Knorr. He talks about his career path and job responsibilities—including advice to anyone interested in working on a ship at sea! Read the interview »


Sarah Webster

Sarah Webster: Sarah Webster is a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University, now in her fourth year of a combined masters/Ph.D. program. She is part of the Dynamical Systems and Control Laboratory run by Prof. Louis Whitcomb in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Her research involves combined communications and navigation of multiple underwater vehicles. Read the interview »


Dan Conrad

Dan Conrad: Dan Conrad, who has taught physics for more than 20 years at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, has a lifelong passion for both science and art. Read the interview »


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