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Mail Buoy: May 12


What is your favorite Ocean Twilight Zone animal?

-Brody P., Tremont Middle School


There are so many amazing creatures in the Twilight Zone! Here are a few favorites from our science team members:

John and Julia are both fans of phronima, a type of anthropod. Cristina loves the Atolla jelly, while Laetitia likes all ctenophores.

Kayla believes the strawberry squid is her spirit animal.


How do you feel about the Twilight Zone?


-Brody P., Tremont Middle School



Everyone on this cruise is pretty deeply invested in studying the ocean twilight zone.

Here’s what two of our scientists had to say:


“I’m excited because there’s a lot that’s unknown about it, compared to the sunlit part of the ocean, and we think it could be important for a lot of ocean processes.”

-Henry Holm, PhD. Candidate


“There’s so much about the ocean that we don’t know yet. This cruise is trying to connect the twilight zone to the upper ocean. Once we know more about the different layers of the ocean, we’ll see the correlations and have a better understanding of the world.”

-Jessica Kozik, Research Assistant and Engineer

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