Expedition 13 Interviews

chuck fisher

Chuck Fisher: Chuck Fisher, a biological oceanographer from Pennsylvania State University is the Chief Scientist on this expedition. Learn more about Chuck, and hear his perspective on why research in the Gulf of Mexico is so important, expecially now. Read the interview »

chris german

Chris German: Chris German, a geologist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, is on a quest for vents, and has become well acquainted with deep-sea technology in the process. Chris is the Chief Scientist for Deep Submergence for the National Deep Submergence Facility, which operates the Alvin submersible, the Jason remotely operated vehicle (ROV), and Sentry. German truly has his finger on the pulse of vent research around the world. Read the interview »

chuck fisher

Helen White: Microbes are an important and amazing part of the deep-sea ecosystem. They also play a key role in the ability of the deep ocean to respond to the oil spill. Helen White studied an oil spill that occurred in 1969 in Buzzards Bay and that still affects coastal ecosystems today. Read the interview »

chuck fisherTim Shank: Deep-sea corals form the foundation of a diverse and spectacular collection of biodiversity, yet they are very poorly understood. Tim Shank studies these ecosystems and the relationship between corals and associates, the animals that live among the corals. Read the interview »
chuck fisherErik Cordes: One of the least explored places on Earth is in the deep sea. Erik Cordes is a community ecologist working on the interactions between species and how they form communities in the deep sea. Read the interview »