Expedition 10 Hot Topics

cold divingAntarctic Water Wear: Cold-Water Diving and Drysuits
Water conducts heat away from your body 25 times faster than air does, so you cool much more rapidly in water. Learn more »

watery world of salpsThe Watery World of Salps
Around Antarctica, one species of salp are the second most abundant kind of plankton in the oceans, after krill. Learn more »

watery world of salpsLife at Palmer Station
Palmer Station, on the Western Antarctic Peninsula is the smallest of three research stations the U. S. maintains in Antarctica. Learn more »

watery world of salpsDeception Island: Fire and Ice, History and Humans
Deception Island is an active volcano. The island is a “submerged caldera,” a circle of craggy hills around an almost-enclosed seawater lagoon, known as Port Foster. Learn more »