Pat KremerBiological oceanographer Patricia Kremer studies how gelatinous animals make their livings in the ocean system. She measures feeding, growth, metabolism (energy use), and population growth in fragile but abundant “jelly animals.” Her work has taken her to the Atlantic, Indian, and Southern oceans, where she collects the animals by scuba diving. On this cruise in Antarctic coastal waters, she will stay on the L. M. Gould and concentrate on lab work. Read the interview »

Larry MadinLarry Madin has studied fragile plankton animals called salps for over thirty years, by scuba diving—"jumping off a ship in the middle of the ocean"—to observe salps where they live. Madin and a team of researchers came to the Southern Ocean to learn about a poorly-known species of salp and its place in the Antarctic ecosystem. Read the interview »

Kelly RakowKelly Rakow is a graduate student in the MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography and Applied Ocean Engineering, working on her PhD degree in biological oceanography. Now she is doing her graduate work on salps with Larry Madin, but she used to have an unusual job—raising jellyfish! Read the interview »

Paul WatersThe Gould’s Chief Engineer Paul Waters, from North Carolina, loves his work, and intimately knows all the ship’s systems. This interview took place during a tour through the engine room. Read the interview »