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Biologists Susan Mills and Kate Buckman in the main computer lab, going through their e-mail. E-mail to and from the ship is sent via satellite. Unlike onshore, where an Internet connection can be “always on,” there are three bulk transmissions per day: morning, noon, and evening. We have to keep our e-mails short as satellite time is expensive. In addition, there are two SeaNet transmissions per day, which are capable of sending and receiving larger collections of data such as the Dive and Discover Web site update.

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The slideshow today focuses on recent biological samples.
This camera view shows the divisions in Alvin's collection basket, as scientist Selene Eltgroth looks on. In the background is the section reserved for fossil corals and geological samples. In the foreground is the "bio box", which is split into fore and aft sections. During the dive, it's very important for the starboard observer to take careful notes of which samples are deposited where, so that when the samples are taken out of Alvin's basket, they can be linked back to the exact seafloor location where they were collected.

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