Expedition 12 Video 2
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Jan. 3, 2008: The crane lowers the CTD sampling system for a test deployment down to a depth of about 4,700 meters (Almost 3 miles).














video2Jan. 3, 2008: The autonomous underwater vehicle Jaguar has been running and chirping in the hangar. View video »

video3Jan. 4, 2008: John Bailey and Rob Reves-Sohn tested a tether and release design for a weight that will be attached to each autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). View video »

video4Jan. 7, 2008: The CTD is recovered over the starboard (right) side of the ship.
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video5Jan. 8, 2008: Puma is launched from the starboard (right) side of the Knorr.
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video6Jan. 8, 2008: A sound-transmitting transponder that will form part of the long baseline navigation system on the seafloor is deployed over the fantail. View video »

video7Jan. 13, 2008: The main lab on the Knorr bustled this afternoon as everyone prepared for a Jaguar dive this evening.  
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video8Jan. 13, 2008: Researchers bring Puma on board after a successful mission and help settle the robot in its wooden cradle.  
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video9Jan. 15, 2008: Ko-ichi Nakamura and Susan Humphris collect samples of red-brown sediment that stuck to Jaguar's "skin." 
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