Mail Buoy - July 7, 2007

Dear Jake,

Thanks for your questions. Please see my answers below. (See you in Cape Cod this August!)

How many layers of clothes do you wear?
When we are inside the ship we wear regular clothes, just like you would wear at home. When we are outside we wear winter clothes, similar to what you might wear to go skiing. If we are working on deck for a long time, or if we are going out on the ice, we wear special suits called 'Mustang suits.' These are heavily insulated one-piece suits with built in flotation so that if you should fall into the water you would survive long enough to be rescued.

How long is the boat? How many feet?
The boat is about 330 ft. long.

Do you have the submarine on a line?
No, the submarines are free swimming robots with no strings attached.

How big are the submarines?
The submarines are about 5 feet tall, 7 feet long, and 2 feet wide.




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