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Arriving in Manzanillo
RV Atlantis pulls up to the dock in Manzanillo, Mexico as the deck crew and 2nd Mate Rick Bean prepare to throw over the lines.

Daily Update: Arriving in Manzanillo
January 22, 2000
By Dr. Dan Fornari and Dr. Susan Humphris

RV Atlantis continued steaming at about 14 knots towards Manzanillo, Mexico all day in fair weather and good seas. Final packing of equipment, and making sure that data are all backed up and organized occupied the science party today. The ping-pong tournament got down to the finals with Luis Hurtado and Martial Taillefert playing for the championship. Martial won in a closely matched contest and won an RV Atlantis cup donated by Captain Silva.

Seabirds were sighted with increasing frequency as we approached shore, along with the smell of land; a musky fragrance that every seafarer knows and loves. The bridge kept close watch on all the other ships and small boats that were around us. Manzanillo is the busiest shipping port on the Pacific coast of Mexico so there are many cargo and other ships in this area.

As we approached Manzanillo we saw brown boobies, seabirds that dive into the ocean for small fish. When on land these birds look funny as they waddle. Like many birds that live out on the open ocean, they have legs that are very poorly developed for walking on land; that’s why they waddle. We also saw long, skinny fish skipping out of the way of the ship’s bow wave, and the blow from a large whale just outside the harbor. It sounded with a flip of its fluke as the pilot boat approached.

When a ship comes into a foreign port, it is required to fly the flag of that country. Atlantis was flying the Mexican flag as we steamed into port and also was flying a yellow “quarantine” flag that indicates the ship has not yet cleared immigration and customs. The red and white flag is flown all the time the ship is under the control of the harbor pilot, who is knowledgeable about the local waters and can safely steer the ship to the dock.

Pulling into the inner harbor of Manzanillo, we saw the colorful, pastel-painted houses that rise up on the hill above the port. Atlantis docked at 1900hrs as the lines went across to the men waiting on the downtown pier. The sunset was hazy and red as the scientists made plans to gather for a post-cruise party to celebrate the accomplishments and discoveries of the cruise and the end to another successful series of Alvin dives on RV Atlantis.

While this cruise is over, another will start in just 5 days. Remember to check back starting January 27th as a new group of scientists heads out to the mid-ocean ridge at the East Pacific Rise crest near 9° 37’N and 114° 17’W. There, they will collect very detailed geophysical data using instruments mounted on Alvin that measure the Earth’s gravity and magnetic fields to help better understand how ocean crust forms. Join us for Cruise 2, “How Does the Mid-Ocean Ridge Work”, participate in our Alvin dives, and learn about volcanic activity on the seafloor.