Videos for Expedition 2

VideoVolcanic Seafloor at the East Pacific Rise Crest
Volcanic seafloor at 2550 meters depth on the East Pacific Rise crest near 9° 36'N Latitude. The different shapes and surfaces of the lava are formed when the lava erupts and cools quickly as it hits the cold, near freezing sea water. Some of the shapes at the end of the video look like folded curtains!


VideoAlvin Recovery
The final stages of recovering Alvin involve attaching a tow line to the sub. The swimmer grabs the hook which has a float attached to it and brings it out to Alvin. After the tow line is attached, the sub is hauled in. Once the sub. is beneath the A-frame, the main lift line is attached and Alvin is brought on board.
VideoSwimmers dive off Alvin
The swimmers who help recover Alvin do a classic swan dive off the sub as it is being lifted on board RV Atlantis.