Susan HumphrisSusan Humphris: Thirty-one years ago, no one had ever found a hydrothermal vent on the seafloor. But a graduate student named Susan Humphris—analyzing rocks dredged from the ocean bottom—found telltale chemical clues that vents existed and were out there, waiting to be discovered. Read the interview »


Rob Reves-SohnRob Reves-Sohn: The idea to use robotic underwater vehicles to explore beneath the ice of the Arctic Ocean first came to Rob Reves-Sohn in the bathtub. He wasn’t in the bathtub; his daughter was. Read the interview »


Hanumant SinghHanumant Singh: Hanu is an oceanographic engineer at WHOI, designs, builds, and operates free-swimming robots to explore the deep sea. He has put them in oceans all over the world, and so far, they have all come back. But never before has he attempted to deploy one to go to the bottom of an ocean covered with ice. Read the interview »

Hanumant SinghPeter Winsor: Most of the scientists, technicians, and engineers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution on the 2007 Gakkel Ridge expedition have never worked in the Arctic before or been aboard the Swedish icebreaker Oden. For Peter Winsor, a physical oceanographer and native of Sweden, the Arctic and the Oden are almost like second homes. Read the interview »

Hanumant SinghTim Shank: Tim has traveled over the world’s oceans—to the eastern and western Pacific, the northern and southern Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean—to understand the evolution of life on the seafloor. But he has never gone looking for life on the deep Arctic Ocean seafloor—until now. Read the interview »



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