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Pat HickeyDan Fornari
Senior Scientist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Dr. Fornari is interested in studying small volcanoes (seamounts) on the ocean floor and the volcanic and hydrothermal processes at the Mid-Ocean Ridge axis. He has worked extensively on studies of hydrothermal vents and related biological communities following underwater eruptions. He has also have been involved with improvements to the submersible Alvin and to remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and tethered vehicles operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

humphrisSusan Humphris
Senior Scientist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Dr. Humphris’ research focuses on understanding hydrothermal processes at mid-ocean ridges. She has mapped and sampled various sites of hydrothermal activity using the submersible Alvin and several remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), including Jason. Her goal was to understand the relationship between hydrothermal processes and volcanic activity. She has also worked extensively on the chemical reactions that take place between circulating seawater and the oceanic crust in hydrothermal systems. These reactions are important to understanding how seawater gets transformed into the hot hydrothermal fluid.

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Paul Oberlander, WHOI Illustrator

Edwin Schiele, Freelance Science Writer

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