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Expedition 17 Mail Buoy

Here is your chance to ask questions directly to the scientists, engineers, and crew members aboard the Sarmiento de Gamboa. We will answer your question directly to the email address you provide, and we may also post your question with its answer right here.

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Mail Buoy: May 10, 2021


Do you ever get seasick?

-Brody P, Tremont Middle School



This is a great question! Seasickness is always a topic of discussion at some point during oceanographic expeditions, especially at the beginning.

During the first few days, many people feel slightly off as they get their “sea legs.” On this particular expedition, only two scientists (out of 19) felt seasick for the first two days. Now they are feeling just fine!

Justin Ossolinski, a WHOI senior research assistant on our team, has never been seasick— even though he has spent hundreds of days at sea.

“I don’t take for granted how lucky I am,” Justin says. “Some people get so sick they can’t get out of bed.”

But don’t let a fear of getting seasick keep you from exploring the ocean! You’ll never know how you’ll handle the waves until you’re in them. 🙂🌊

-Marley P, Dive & Discover Communications Team

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