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vent namesGodzilla, Sasquatch, and Homer Simpson:
The Curious Names of Deep-sea Features

From Expedition 8: Hydrothermal vent fields and their individual chimneys may be places for serious scientific research, but some of their names come straight from science fiction.
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bacteriaBacteria at Hydrothermal Vents
From Expedition 4: Small but mighty, bacteria live everywhere at hydrothermal vents.
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sulfide allvinellidsLooking for Microbes
From Expedition 2: Prof. Rachel Haymon and Dr. Patricia Holden, from the University of California - Santa Barbara, have an idea about how to look for microbes in active hydrothermal vent chimneys. Read about their experiment »



biogeographyBiogeography of Hydrothermal Vents
From Expedition 4: Biogeography is the study of distribution patterns of organisms and what causes those patterns to exist.
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Bob Collier The Hydrothermal Vent Prospecting Team
From Expedition 4: CTD (Conductivity-Temperature-Depth) sensors are used to detect hydrothermal plumes in the deep ocean.
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ICLT-probeMeasuring Temperature At Hydrothermal Vents—Al Bradley’s Ingenuity
From Expedition 4: ICLs (Inductively Coupled Links) transmit data through water without a cable.
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MAPRsFinding Telltale Hydrothermal Plumes With MAPRs
From Expedition 3: MAPRs (Miniature Autonomous Plume Recorders) are small instruments that measure ocean pressure and how warm and clear the ocean water is.
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