Antarctic Ecosystem: Links

Site showing annual changes in the ice cover over Antarctic seas

A 2000 NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) educational site on Antarctic seasons

Weather in Antarctica during the year

Real-time weather data collection

Weather and season descriptions from the Antarctic Connection site

A 2004 news article from National Geographic about circulation and nutrients in the Southern Ocean

Website of 2004 Antarctic cruise by Expedition 10's research group, including daily information about what  they found in the water

Teachers Experiencing the Arctic and Antarctic (TEA) Program website

A story in WHOI’s magazine Oceanus about the Antarctic ecosystem in winter

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) guide to different species of marine mammals, many of which are Antarctic

Lesson-plan summary of Antarctic animals

Australian Antarctic Division site on the Antarctic ecosystem

An survey of the biology of Antarctica

WHOI 2006 expedition website about phytoplankton abundance in Antarctica

A survey of ocean life in Antarctica

An older (1998) site featuring history of exploration and hunting, and abundance of Antarctic seas

Human Impact
British Antarctic Survey page on the human toll on Antarctica

A description of the use and overuse of Antarctic resources

An article in Public Library of Science about changing conditions in Antarctica

News about Antarctica
A site where you can find news about  current happenings in
Antarctica, and lots of information about icebergs

Classroom lessons from NASA